Nutrition- Health- Culinary Skills- Wellness

Chef's Katie and Stephanie believe a healthy lifestyle holds a place for all foods. We prioritize a plant based diet- which is exactly as it sounds- a diet based in plants!  It does not mean vegan or vegetarian or cutting out meat or dairy, but is an eating pattern consisting primarily of plants. Creating a balanced plant based meal allows for creativity when incorporating the core components of well rounded nutrition- protein, carbohydrates and fats. A plant based diet has been studied to promote longevity, stronger health outcomes, reduce risk of many diseases, as well as increase mental and physical function. 

Katie has a Bachelors in Health Science from The Ohio State University, as well as a culinary degree from Columbus Culinary Institute. She has a passion for food and education with practical life applications. Katie develops programming intended to promote overall health, wellness and focus on disease prevention.

Stephanie is a classically trained Chef and Registered Dietitian. These skills stem from her belief in guiding nutrition through practical culinary application. Her diverse background comes from working in sports medicine, physiology, hospitality and dietetics. Stephanie's dietetic focus is in both the community and clinical settings with attention to: oncology nutrition during treatment, nutrition for disease prevention, as well as sports nutrition. She believes all food can fit in a balanced diet that nourishes as well as strengthens the body and spirit. 

good food kitchen focuses on practical application of culinary skills with nutrition basics to positively impact overall health and wellness. We offer virtual cooking classes, culinary demonstrations, nutrition counseling and menu development.