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Writing A Good Personal Statement For Residency

Never use clichés within your writing as this simply shows that you have put little thought into your own writing. Typical clichés are: (“When all is said and done”, “Ever since I was young”, “I have a burning desire to”, “I am.

  • In this short clip taken from our most recent USMLE Coach's Corner episode, we're going to dive in and outline the steps you can take to start putting togeth...

  • Residency Personal Statement Length: Our recommendation is that your residency personal statement be between 4000 – 5300 characters with spaces or up to 900 words in length. The allowed ERAS residency personal statement.

  • • Draw personal conclusions from your experiences—show your ability to reflect on an experience with professional maturity. • Make it personal: Talk about what you believe, what you like about the specialty, what interests you, what you find rewarding and why. (Avoid lecturing your reader on what the profession should be.)


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